Date: May 24, 2018

Contact: Diana Philip. Executive Director 301-565-4154


NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund releases report

on anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers


(Silver Spring, MD) NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund has released its 2018 report on anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers in Maryland. Entitled “When will the deception end: an investigative report on anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers in Maryland”, describes how the centers present themselves to the public to attract potential pregnant individuals and the types of services they actually offer across the state. The report’s release is within weeks of the expected U.S. Supreme Court decision on NIFLA vs. Becerra, which could uphold a 2015 California law requiring certain disclosure of these centers regarding their services and staffing which often pose as medical clinics, and days after the announcement of a gag-rule on Title X funding for authentic family planning clinics issued by the Trump/Pence Administration on May 18th, 2018.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Executive Director, Diana Philip said: “It’s important that Marylanders know about these centers because these are actually fake health centers that the Trump/Pence Administration wants to public funding to support instead of actual evidence-based medical clinics”

Anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers, also known as “fake women’s health centers” or “CPCs”, are operations that pose as alternatives to abortion clinics or comprehensive reproductive health clinics. They are often run by anti-choice religious organizations to deceive people using stalling tactics or misinformation to deter individuals from seeking abortion care or use certain methods of birth control. Some CPCs are intentionally located near actual abortion care providers or in areas of where family planning clinics are sparse.  The report identifies 46 such centers in the Maryland.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland is a statewide member organization that works to defend, expand, and protect reproductive freedom for all Marylanders. It is the state’s leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Maryland that strives to ensure that every child-bearing individual is able to make personal decisions about the full range of reproductive health options including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.


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