Statement by Mark Stover, Chair of the NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Political Action Committee

April 29, 2019


In the last few decades, we have been fortunate as a state to maintain a pro-choice majority in both chambers of our state legislature.  Our senators and delegates benefit greatly from guidance and mentoring from the House Speaker and Senate President, who determine key leadership roles and set legislative agendas that reflect the right to determine if, when, and how we form our families, promote healthy pregnancies, and parent with dignity.


During the last election cycle, we were pleased to endorse legislators who have demonstrated a commitment to protecting the reproductive rights of all Marylanders, as well as a clear understanding of the growing need to strongly protect those rights, while advancing equity and equality in access to healthcare.  It concerns us greatly that during this time of the anti-choice Trump/Pence Administration, protecting the right to bodily autonomy which affects all Marylanders across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability and more, may not be a priority of all candidates for the next House Speaker.


We should be able to trust that the Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates will not compromise or undermine the reproductive freedom of Marylanders – which we fear is the intent of conservative, anti-choice legislators seeking to influence the House Speaker contest.   As 7 of 10 Americans believe that access to abortion care should be legal, our members expect that Maryland’s legislative leadership will reflect the values we hold dear about reproductive freedom.  Since support for abortion rights is currently not bipartisan, we urge unity among delegates in electing the next House Speaker chosen by the Democratic Caucus, which has demonstrated a strong history and desire to continue to both protect and advance reproductive health, rights, and justice for all Marylanders.




Mark Stover,

Chair of the NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Political Action Committee

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