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What Are My Options?

Finding out you’re pregnant when you weren’t expecting it can be overwhelming and stressful. Making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy is personal; however, you don’t need to do it alone. Speak with a health professional to work through what option might be right for you.

People who are pregnant have three options:

  • Parenting: carrying to term, giving birth, and raising the child
  • Abortion: taking medication or having a medical procedure that ends the pregnancy
  • Adoption: carrying to term, giving birth, and placing the child with another person or family

The decision on what to do about an unplanned pregnancy is very personal and different based on your situation. While it can help to talk with trusted family and friends, the decision is yours in the end. There is no set way to respond or react to the news of an unplanned pregnancy.

There are a lot of factors that go into your decision when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy which include age, family, relationship, life and academic goals, health, safety, and personal beliefs. If the pregnancy was a result of sexual assault, this pregnancy may be a particularly difficult as you may still be dealing with trauma.

Consult with a trained health professional or counselor to help decide which option is right for you. If you need help finding someone to talk to, check out our Resources page.

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