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The #MarylandGenderJusticeRally (formerly the Annapolis Women’s Rally) highlights state legislation that promotes healthy families, reproductive justice, economic security, the rights of systems-involved people, and the prevention of gender-based violence, discrimination, and oppression. Join us as the rally is livestreamed on Facebook to hear legislators and advocates discuss their 2021 progressive agenda for those living, working, and seeking to advance their rights in Maryland.

We will be streaming the rally on the NPCM Facebook page at

Maryland Gender Justice Rally Itinerary

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Current Rally Agenda:

Opening remarks by rally co-host Delegate Nicole Williams
Greeting by House Speaker Adrienne Jones

Gender-Based Violence
Delegate Nicole Williams
Senator Susan Lee

Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield
Delegate Lesley Lopez
Melanie Shapiro, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

Conditions of Confinement/Reentry
Carlita Brown, Maryland Justice Project
Delegate Wanika Fisher
Kimberly Haven, Reproductive Justice Inside
Delegate Jessica Feldmark

Nicole Hanson, Out for Justice

Systems Reform
Joe Spielberger, ACLU of Maryland
Cathryn Paul, CASA de Maryland
Staci Hartwell, Maryland State Conference of the NAACP

Education Reform/Equity

Shanetta Martin, Advocates for Children and Youth

Delegate Michele Guyton

Delegate Kirill Reznik

Riya Seth – Maryland NOW’s Young Women’s Task Force

Delegate Gabe Acevero

Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins

LGBTQ+ Rights
Jeremy LaMaster, FreeState Justice
Senator Mary Washington
Delegate Emily Shetty
Delegate Julie Palakovich-Carr
Senator Shelly Hettleman

Public Health

Delegate Robbyn Lewis
Ana Rodney, MOMCares

Diana Philip, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland
Delegate Dana Jones

Economic Security
Delegate Lily Qi
Myles Hicks, Maryland Rise – Campaign Manager for Time to Care
Eve Hurwitz, March on Maryland

Diana Philip – NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland

Rally sponsors include:

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, Planned Parenthood of Maryland, FreeState Justice, Maryland National Organization for Women (MDNOW), Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA), Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV), Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW), Women’s Law Center of Maryland, Baltimore Women United, Whole Woman’s Health of Baltimore, Reproductive Justice Inside, March on Maryland, Maryland Justice Project, ACLU of Maryland, CASA de Maryland, WISE of Anne Arundel County, Maryland Family Network, Out for Justice, and more.

Veto override bills from 2020 session:

*SB0684 Correctional Services – Prerelease Unit for Women – Facilities and Services (Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act) Senators Mary Washington and Jeff Waldstreicher

*HB1300 – Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation – House Speaker Adrienne Jones, and Delegates Maggie McIntosh and Anne Kaiser

Bill introduced for 2021 session:

*HB0411 / SB0043– Criminal Law – Law Enforcement Officers – Prohibition on Sexual Activity – House Judiciary Committee – Delegate Nicole Williams and Senators Sarah Elfreth and Shelly Hettleman

*HB0147 / SB0250– Criminal Law – Sexual Crimes – Repeal of Spousal Defense (Love Is No Defense to Sexual Crimes – Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield and Senator Susan Lee

*HB0638 / SB0624 – Public Safety – Untraceable and Undetectable Firearms Delegate Lesley Lopez and Senator Susan Lee

*SB0690 – Public Information Act – Inspection of Records from Body-Worn Digital Recording Devices Senator Charles Sydnor

*HB0235 – Correctional Services – Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals – Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment Delegate Wanika Fisher

*HB1233 – Correctional Services – Inmates – Intake and Release Requirements (Reentry Success Act of 2021)  Delegate Jessica Feldmark

*HB0560 – Human Relations – Discrimination in Housing – Reentry-Into-Society Status Delegate Diana Fennell

*HB0120 / SB0178 Public Information Act – Personnel Records – Investigations of Law Enforcement Officers (Anton’s Law)  Delegates Gabe Acevero and Erek Barron, and Senator Jill Carter

*HB0139 / SB0626 – Law Enforcement Officers – Use of Force  Delegate Debra Davis and Senator Jill Carter

*HB0151 / SB0627 – Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights – Repeal  Delegate Gabe Acevero and Senator Jill Carter

*HB0016 / SB0478 Correctional Services – Immigration Detention – Prohibition (Dignity Not Detention Act) –Delegate Vaughn Stewart and Senator Will Smith

*HB0023 / SB0234 Personal Information – State and Local Agencies – Restrictions on Access Delegate Dana Stein and Senator Clarence Lam

*HB0304 /  SB0088 – State and Local Government – Participation in Federal Immigration Enforcement   Delegate Wanika Fisher and Senator Will Smith

*HB0750 / SB0317  Office of the Attorney General – Right to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings Coordinator  Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary and Senator Hettleman

*HB0114 / SB0199 – Maryland Transit Administration – Funding (Transit Safety and Investment Act) Delegate Brooke Lierman and Senators Cory McCray and Craig Zucker

*HB0583 / SB0414 – Climate Solutions Now Act of 2021 – Delegate Dana Stein and Senator Paul Pinsky

*HB1089 – Primary and Secondary Education – Expansion of Mental Health Services and Prohibition of School Resource Officers (Police–Free Schools Act) Delegate Gabe Acevero

*HB0496 – Primary and Secondary Education – Mental Health Services – Expansion (Counselors Not Cops Act) Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins

*HB0401 / SB0438 County Boards of Education – Pregnant and Parenting Students – Policies and Reports  Delegate Michele Guyton and Senator Mary Washington

*HB0205 / SB0427 – Public Schools – Provision of Menstrual Hygiene Products – Requirement  Delegate Kirill Reznik and Senators Sarah Elfreth and Chris West

*HB0130 – Commission on LGBTQ Affairs – Established – Delegate Lily Qi

*HB0155SB0098 – County Boards and Public and Nonpublic Prekindergarten Programs and Schools – Discrimination – Prohibition Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins and Senator Cory McCray

*HB0039 / SB0581 Action for Change of Name – Waiver of Publication Requirement Delegate Emily Shetty and Senator Shelly Hettleman

*HB0231 / SB0046 Crimes – Mitigation – Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation Delegate Julie Palakovich-Carr and  Senator Clarence Lam

*HB0128 / SB0220 Criminal Law – Hate Crimes – Protected Groups and Penalties Delegate Vaughn Stewart and Senator Shelly Hettleman

*HB0548 / SB0299 Human Services – Trauma-Informed Care – Commission and Training Delegate Robbyn Lewis and Senator Jill Carter

*HB1202 – Hospitals and Birth Centers – COVID-19 Visitation Policies – Doulas Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins

*HB0711 /  SB0622 Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Donations to Diaper Banks and Other Charitable Entities Delegate Dana Jones and Senator George Edwards

*HB0257 /  SB0236 Maryland Commission on Civil Rights – Employment Discrimination – Reporting Delegate Lily Qi and Shelly Hettleman

*HB0375 / SB0211 Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2021) Delegate Kris Valderrama and Senator Antonio Hayes

*HJ0003 / SB0003 Commission to Establish a Maryland Women Veterans Memorial Delegate Heather Bagnall and Senator Edward Reilly

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