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COVID-19 Emergency Contraception Access Plan

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund is committed to promoting access to vital reproductive services while dealing with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. On Friday, March 27 we hosted the kickoff of our EC campaign in which we are giving out free EC to both individuals and organizations.


Individuals seeking EC can request a personal supply of EC by texting or calling us at 410-575-3766. We will then set up, by appointment, a time for the individual to come to pick up the EC OR depending on location, get curbside drop-off.

For organizations, we are delivering or scheduling EC distribution kits which include one or two boxes of EC, MD NARAL’s EC distribution policy, and printed infographics for their clients.

We Need Your Help

Right now, we are seeking individuals across the State of Maryland to act as point people in your community, as well as individuals that will assist us in delivering the EC. If able and willing, please email

Online Campaign

In order to maximize our efforts, we are asking that you and your organization please share our social media graphics with your networks. We will be posting regularly on all of our social media and encourage you to share them.

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Webinar & Continued Education

On Wednesday, April 1 at 12:00 p.m., we will be hosting a webinar that focuses on emergency contraception and campus organizing. Use this link via Facebook to RSVP, or sign up directly with Zoom.   A campus organizing manual will also be shared!

Upcoming Events

Emergency Contraception & Campus Organizing
Wednesday, April 1, 2020/12:00 pm - 1:30 pmwebinar

Join us to hear about successful campus organizing efforts done here in Maryland to help more college students access over-the-counter emergency contraception (EC). Forms of oral EC such as Plan B© and its generics contain levonorgestrel, which can be safely ingested by anyone. Side effects are uncommon. Oral EC works by preventing or delaying ovulation, which prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg after unprotected sex. While EC is effective up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, it is 50% more effective if taken within the first 12 hours. That’s why it’s crucial that colleges provide 24/7 access to EC—the sooner it is taken, the more effective it is. Learn what you can do on your college campus – once they let you back on! This is a live webinar powered by Zoom. Any questions? Email

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Maryland must lead the charge. Are you with us?