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 The 2019 Maryland General Assembly’s sine die was Monday, April 8th.

The 2020 Maryland General Assembly will convene Wednesday, January 8th.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland saw several significant victories for reproductive freedom during the 2017, 2018, and 2019 legislative sessions, and successfully fought back anti-choice bills that would restrict the right to choose in Maryland. Emboldened by the Trump/Pence Administration, there was a spike in the number of anti-choice legislation introduced in 2019 with 16 anti-choice bills which were all successfully defeated.

The state legislature remains majority pro-choice, and we hope to deepen our coalition work across the state to pass more true pro-active measures in the 2020 session that reflect the importance of reproductive health, rights, and justice.  With the election of an increasing number of young, diverse, progressive legislators, including a record number of 71 female members of the Maryland General Assembly, we will continue to advance reproductive freedom, instead of maintaining the status quo.   One example is the great success of the Reproductive Justice Inside coalition’s legislation (SB0809/HB0745) banning the forced solitary confinement of pregnant inmates and detainees in any type of facility across our state – the first law in the nation!  Thank you to Senator Susan Lee (D16) and Delegate Wanika Fisher (D47B) for their passion about addressing the seriousness of this issue as the lead bill sponsors.

The Maryland General Assembly website has many great resources if you are interested in following up on its work during each 90-day session. You can look up legislation and track its progress here, as well as view its fiscal and policy report prepared by the state’s legislative services.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland are members of several coalitions in which certain issues legislators seek to address cross into the realm of reproductive health, right, and justice.  These include, and are not limited to, Maryland Right to Choose, Reproductive Justice Inside, Maryland Prisoner’s Rights Coalition, the Baltimore Homeless Youth Initiative, Coalition to Reform School Discipline, Working Matters, Progressive Maryland, Youth Equality Alliance, Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women, Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force, Time to Care, Marylanders for Patient Rights, Health Care for All, and more.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland is an advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice.  We work to ensure every individual has the freedom to decide if, when, and how to form one’s family, and to parent with dignity, in good health, and in safety. We honor pregnancy in all its complexity, and believe that each individual has the power to make personal decisions about one’s own life, body, and future. There should be no barrier to accessing all the medical care necessary to protect one’s fertility, plan a pregnancy, experience a healthy pregnancy, give birth, endure a miscarriage or stillbirth, terminate a pregnancy, or conceive using reproductive technology. Reproductive freedom also calls for the social, economic, and political conditions which allow parenting with dignity, in good health, and in safety.

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Maryland must lead the charge. Are you with us?