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Whole Woman’s Health of Baltimore

Clinic Information

7648 Belair Rd
Baltimore, MD 21236
M-F: 8AM-4PM
Sat: 7AM-12PM
Phone Number:
Spanish Translation Services

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*FYI there is a Crisis Pregnancy Center near this location so be sure you are going to the correct location!

Abortion Services:

Medication Abortion

up to 11w $450.00

Surgical Abortion

up to 12 weeks $450.00 (IV Sedation +$50)
12 – 18 weeks $900.00-$1,200 (IV Sedation required and included over 14 weeks 1 day, otherwise an additional $50)
Other Information
Rhogam Under 12 Weeks $50; Over 12 Weeks $100
Sedation Options Light sedation and pain management included; IV Sedation is $50
Ultrasounds Included in abortion cost, separately $100
  • Options counseling and free pregnancy tests available
  • Pre-op patient workup only $225
  • Private appointments ($250), fast-track abortions ($150), and VIP abortions ($750) are available

Gynecology Services:

Routine Gynecology Services

(No new patients until Spring 2021, please call for updates to policy)

Available. Pap smear may incur additional charge from lab $105 + lab fees
STI Testing and Treatment
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis $75 – billed by lab
HIV Testing and Treatment
Referrals are given for testing and treatment N/A

Birth Control Services

Birth Control Counseling
Available with office visit Office Visit Cost $75
Contraceptive options available: Pills, patch, vaginal rings, depo shot ($95), IUD (hormonal and non-hormonal– $495-$1095 for device + $125 insertion fee), implant ($950 +$125 insert fee), and free condoms are available Contact Clinic for more Pricing information
Emergency Contraception Walk-in emergency contraception available, no prescription necessary  $25
  • No one may accompany or remain with the patient inside the clinic due to COVID-19, so patients seeking sedation must have a ride home parked in the patient discharge area prior to the procedure starting.¬†

Insurance & Payment Information

  • Many insurance plans accepted (call for more information)
  • Medicaid is accepted
  • There is financial assistance for those who qualify (call for more information)
    • This clinic works with the following abortion funds: DCAF, BAF, NAF, NNAF
  • Cash, money order, and major debit/credit cards accepted. Cardholder must be present.


*All information is subject to change, always call the clinic for the most up to date information

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