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About NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for endorsements and campaign contributions to support elected officials and candidates for state or local office in Maryland willing to advocate for reproductive freedom.  The MD NARAL PAC does not endorse candidates in federal elections.

A candidate education module has been created to assist those interested in seeking endorsement, and continues to serve as a resource on state laws and policies, as well as messaging for candidates and elected officials.  The 2021 module can be found here: PowerPoint for MD NARAL PAC Q 2022 (2) This module is updated each election cycle as the movement for reproductive freedom in Maryland and nationally evolves.

NOTE: The corresponding candidate questionnaire is also updated to reflect current issues, which means that previously endorsed candidates must complete the current questionnaire for endorsement eligibility each election cycle.

The link to the 2022 MD NARAL PAC candidate questionnaire appears on the last page of the PowerPoint presentation, and is also accessible here.  It is best to access the online survey each time from the same device to allow you to stop and go while completing the questionnaire.  However, you will not be permitted to change any answers once you have submitted the final version.  Your campaign may contact with any questions or if you experience any difficulties with the SurveyMonkey system.  An acknowledgement message will be sent once you submit your completed questionnaire.  If the PAC has any questions about your responses, a member will reach out to the candidate for clarification.

Prior to each election cycle, the PAC will announce guidelines for which candidates are eligible for endorsement. Requirements of the candidate include:

  • Completing the candidate questionnaire by deadlines set by the PAC for the primary and general elections
  • Participating in an interview if requested
  • Demonstrating a 100% pro-choice voting record in prior elected office, if applicable
  • Willing to publicly help lead an issue campaign or legislative measure to protect and/or advance reproductive health, rights, and justice important to the current movement in Maryland

A candidate endorsed at this level is eligible to receive monetary or in-kind assistance (if available), MD NARAL volunteers for campaign activities, endorsement in a Voter Guide, and/or a direct mail piece to pro-choice voters in the district.  A special endorsement logo is provided to the campaign for this “champion” designation.  Candidates at this level are the only ones allowed MD NARAL PAC contributions during primaries.

A candidate who does not meet the threshold of endorsement listed above may be eligible for a 100% Pro-Choice Rating.  This “ally” designation may also be applied in a situation in which the PAC determines that such a rating is more appropriate than an endorsement.  This rating helps convey to voters that the candidate is an ally on our issues and willing to vote in support of reproductive freedom, but may not have developed a track record to demonstrate a more “champion” designation over (an)other candidate(s).  Requirements of the candidate include:

  • Completing the candidate questionnaire by deadlines set by the PAC for the primary and general elections
  • Demonstrating a 100% pro-choice voting record in prior elected office, if applicable

A candidate with a 100% Pro-Choice Rating will be included in a Voter Guide. A special rating logo is provided to the campaign.  If the logo is misused by the campaign in the effort to turn it into an endorsement, the rating will be pulled.  A candidate who receives a 100% Pro-Choice Rating during the primary and wins the candidacy to the general election, is eligible to request the MD NARAL PAC’s endorsement for the general election.

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The 2021 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Scorecard will be posted here in mid-August.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the early adjourning of the 2020 session, no scorecard was created for that year.


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