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Situation 1: Hannah thinks she is pregnant but does not want her parents to know. Hannah wants to purchase a pregnancy test.

Question: Can Hannah take a pregnancy test without her parents’ permission?

Answer: Yes. Hannah does not need parental consent (permission) to get a pregnancy test, birth control, medical exams, prenatal care, or STI testing and treatment.  Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. II § 20-102(c)(4)-(5).


Situation 2: Rosa wants to be tested for HIV/AIDS. She is afraid to go to her family doctor because she has heard that her parents have to give consent to the test.

Question: Do Rosa’s parents need to consent to her HIV/AIDS test?

Answer: No. Rosa does not need her parents to consent to an HIV/AIDS test and potential treatment. She can go to a clinic or local health center and have it done on her own. She can bring a friend for support if she would like, but her parents do not need to consent to or know about the test. A minor can do this at any point.  Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. II § 20-102(c)(9).

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In Maryland, regardless of whether she is living separately from her parent or legal guardian, a teenager of any age may give permission for medical, hospital, or surgical treatment for anything related to her pregnancy. Likewise, a teenager of any age may give permission for the testing for as well as treatment of a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV and AIDS. Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. II § 20-102(c)(4)-(5),(9).

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