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Teen Pregnancy, Economic Security, and Education Completion

Nationally, teen parents have lower educational attainment levels compared to their peers without children. Studies on teen pregnancy and dropout rates report that only 50% of teen mothers receive a General Education Development (GED) certificated by the age of 22, as compared to 90% of women who did not give birth during adolescence. Additionally, teen fathers have a lower probability of graduating from high school and are 25-30% less likely to receive their GED than non-parenting teenage males. [1]

  • Lower income neighborhoods in Baltimore City have higher rates of teen births. 2/3 of families begun by young mothers are low-income
  • Teen pregnancy and parenting are the #1 reason young women do not graduate high school.
  • Repeat teen births represent 16% of all births to Baltimore youth

Only 5 clinics and 15 school-based health centers provide adolescent reproductive health care services to only 16% of male and female youth in Baltimore City. [2]


[1] Pregnancy Prevention

[2] Executive Summary: Reducing Teen Births in Baltimore City. The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute 2019.

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