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HB0439 / SB0470 – Institute of Innovation and Implementation – Pregnant, Expecting, and Parenting Students – Data Collection and Report

Lead bill sponsors are Delegate Michele Guyton and Senator Mary Washington
What does this legislation seek to do?

The University of Maryland School of Social Work Institute for Innovation and Implementation will work with certain school districts to collect data on educational outcomes for pregnant, expecting, and parenting students (PEPS) and disseminate data over a 3-year period.

  • Data will be collected regarding the number of PEPS in each school district:
    • the number of students who graduate with a high school diplomas,
    • the number of students who attain a GED
    • the duration of school enrollment for each student
    • factors that affect pushout and dropout rates of students seeking a high school diploma or GED
    • Data collection methods will ensure the privacy of PEPS and will be advised by an independent body of experts and university researchers
  • The Institute shall:
    • analyze the data received from the school districts
    • document and evaluate professional development activities of each local school system related to PEPS
    • document and evaluate policy changes related to PEPS from each local school system
    • use the information collected to develop recommendations for the Maryland General Assembly on legislation, regulations, and initiatives needed to address issues regarding  policies assisting PEPS
  • The Institute will create a mid-point (June 2023) and final report of its findings and  recommendations to the Maryland General Assembly (June 2025).
  • The five school districts to participate in this-year study include Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Charles County, Wicomico County, and Washington County.

We created a sign-on letter for orgs/groups/allies.  Senate hearing has yet to be scheduled.

For more information, or to learn how to support passage of this legislation, contact Diana Philip at

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